Friday, May 1, 2009

Infinity Universe..

I don't know why I selected this name for my blog. May be because I thought to write anything in my blog. From any field, in any laguage :)
First I started my posts by copying data from other sites and give their reference links, but it was not a good job, because all the sites have written privacy. If anything happen, then it will be not good for me. Then I stopped it. That time I was writing programming related articles.

Second time I changed my mind and then started computer related articles, that are also copying from some other sites but there also I gave reference links (better right :) ). Actually I started my blog in 2007. But I didn't get time to maintain it. Now I am thinking to write my own articles (I don't know it will be a success or not :) )
anyway I am trying to write something.

Yes it is infinity Universe. From my point of view write anything., yes I will write anything in my mind, in any language. let me try to start my own articles, ideas, thoughts. Its all for you!!!

Please give me support for writing more and more.

I have experience in SEO and affiliate marketing. If you have any doubts in that you can ask me. I will give you replays asap.